The members section gives you the ability to work with anything related to member information. You can add, edit, view member information etc. You can also search member profiles and more....

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This is where all groupings occur: instrumentalists, choir, committed members etc. You can add and remove groups. You can print only members in a special group and more.....

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One of the main features of the GH BOX is its ability to ease the function of sending messages and announcements. It can be done by email and txt without being tracked as spam......

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You can track who has been coming for meetings. Who needs to be followed up on? Who needs a visit? Anything meeting related is handled in this section. This will help you in follow up as a church.....

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Under finance, any action money related is performed here. You can track payments, add income and expenditure information, add tithe and dues information etc. You can also see payment charts......

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Under this section, many simple activities as in import and export to Excel and other databases can be found here. You can also find help information to navigate the MMS.....

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Comparing other membership systems

Current Membership Management Systems being used by organizations include Notebooks, Social Sites (Facebook and MySpace), Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. It is worth knowing that GH BOX has very great advantages and also gives remedy to the disadvantages of all the other systems being employed by various organizations to manage their members.